Welcome to the Slow Down, from Bosa!

Community + content to get real about a values-led life in the face of hustle culture.

Hustle culture isn’t working for us, so we’re doing something different.

Welcome to the Slow Down, from Bosa.

The Slow Down is more than content & events, it’s a dedicated space where we can get real about our goals and aspirations in the face of productivity culture. While we’re building a tech product to help you manage your goals and map them to your values, it’s just as important that we create space to openly talk about the problem. That means topics like burnout, overwhelm, values, boundaries, practical tools, helpful mindsets and so much more. It’s a different approach, because we’re a different kind of company.

Here’s what to expect:

Gone is the standard promotional tech company email. (We weren’t keen on doing those to begin with.) Our weekly newsletter is where we’re sharing our thoughts, questions, and learnings on building a life around what matters most to you — not how many to-do’s you do.

And it’s more than just what we have to say on the matter — we want to hear from you! You’re able to interact with all our articles with comments and conversation, directly in our newsletter/content platform Beehiiv. We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

Our weekly virtual sessions are back, with a new name and weekly themes to center the conversation. These come-as-you-are events are a weekly break from your to-do list, but more importantly, they’re a space to have open conversation, make real connections and re-focus on the why behind all those tasks. Come to one, come to all, all that matters is that you show up. Not for us, but for you.

Like everything we do, the Slow Down Sessions are guided by Bosa’s values and the practices that uphold them:

  1. Co-creation/Collaboration

  2. Authenticity

  3. Transparency

  4. Peace

  5. Freedom

Join us for the kick-off session this Friday, October 13 to learn more and help shape the Slow Down Sessions to serve you in making your goals happen. We’re building this series together, and starting by digging into practice 1 (and 2, and 3…).

TL;DR (In short…)

Whether you’re here because you signed up for the Bosa waitlist, hung with us in BFF, actively use our app or joined us for an event, we’re glad you’re here to join us in rebuilding what our noisy, productivity-obsessed world disrupted: the ability to slow down and focus on what we really want for our lives. That means weekly content and virtual events (to start!)

If you have suggestions for topics, questions or any feedback, drop us a line any time.

Until next week!

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