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Using AI to bridge the gap from goal to action 🚀

How Bosa AI tackles the messy middle.

If you think about it, even our smallest tasks map to a higher level goal. Take a budgeting app like Mint — virtually no one downloads it thinking “Well, it'd be really fun to understand how all my billing works and organize all my transactions in one spot and keep track of it every day and keep it up to date.” People go to Mint with a goal of understanding their money, and usually with a goal like managing their budget so they can do things like travel more. The core motivation is a higher level goal (the financial freedom to travel) — that maps to their values (experience different parts of the world). Everything they do inside of that system is serving that end purpose, even if it’s as task-oriented as categorizing different expenses.

As technology makes it easier to do the sub-tasks of a bigger goal, it also establishes trust. That enables you to look at the situation from a high level — your overall budget versus a long list of transactions — to have more informed conversations and make more confident decisions. Decisions that support your values and broader life goals.

It's the same with Bosa. You may start off by entering all kinds of goals and tasks into Bosa — household to-dos, work projects, broad goals like getting in shape or living more green. But these are all in service of higher level goals and motivations: I want to provide a stable life for my family, I want to spend more time on creative pursuits, I want to leave the planet better than I found it. Much like managing your budget, a functional solution has to make it all managing all these tasks easier — so you can use your energy to focus on the most meaningful things.

Much like managing your budget, a functional solution has to make it all managing all these tasks easier — so you can use your energy to focus on the most meaningful things.

That’s where Bosa AI comes in. You enter a few of those goals, including wanting to take a family trip to Disneyland or Paris or Virginia Beach. Then Bosa AI essentially take that middle part from you, generating suggestions and resources to kick start your planning, specific to the details you’ve shared in that goal and others in Bosa. Now you can jump from all that initial info gathering to actually having conversations about different travel plans or even making decisions. We make it so you can just focus on the beginning: telling Bosa your goals and the context around them (who’s going, when you’d like to travel, budget or activity considerations). And Bosa gets you across that chasm of inaction. You don't fall into the pit of productivity in the first place.

This personalization is the difference between using AI functionality in Bosa versus going straight to ChatGPT or another common alternative. A broad generative AI tool by itself doesn't know who you are. It doesn’t know your intentions. Because Bosa is where you are collecting your goals across all parts of your life, it’s already within the context of your higher level goals. So by intentionally putting AI in this part of the goal process, Bosa is able to build not just a bridge, but a personalized bridge. Because the suggestions it would build for EJ planning a trip to Disneyland would be different than it would for you. That will change per season, because we are all constantly changing and that’s reflected in the nuances we add when we enter goals into Bosa.

And this bridge will only get better. As we add more integrations, as we bring your in calendar, your email, it all helps personalize how Bosa can get you past that action gap. It’s smart tech that factors in your nuances, creating a pathway from A to B so it just feels like you're walking across with your partner instead of leaping over a gorge. That's a totally different experience that isn’t happening with productivity tools in general, and especially when you're talking about parents, couples and partners. We’re used to conforming how we operate to work with software. It’s time the software conforms to us.

Ultimately, tech is a tool. Bosa AI is proof that even buzzy tech like generative AI doesn’t have to be glamorous to be wildly effective. We’re not relying on AI to do tackle your goals for you. Acting on your goals? Making decisions on where to spend your time and energy Knowing what goals and values matter most in your life? Those are inherently human, and they’re inherently personal. But if we can use technology like AI to create a more efficient and effective process, then that creates more time and space for you to, well, do you.

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