Reconnecting productivity with wellness

Creating a system where they work hand in hand.

Tech is making our lives busier, not easier. That busy-ness is messing with our wellness, leaving us without the energy or means to work out, eat well, spend time with friends or support our overall mental health. We need a combination of physical, emotional and connection inputs to thrive. Our productivity obsessed culture often glorifies sacrificing some or all of these, and it’s making us worse for it.

This is not the typical take from a tech company, especially one that can be grouped in the productivity space like us, but it’s where we stand. It’s also part of our approach. We believe productivity shouldn’t degrade our wellness. It’s a means, not a goal. It’s a mechanism with the sole purpose of helping the person achieve higher level of wellness. Like all tools, it comes down to how it’s used.

The problem often isn’t “I don’t have time for a run.” It looks a lot more like “If I block of time to go for a run, then I’ll have to come up with another plan for dinner tonight, and my significant other doesn’t know what we have in the pantry and I’ll have to give them a recipe, and I was planning on multitasking while making dinner to call my dad to talk about our visit for the holidays…it’s just so much easier to skip the run.” This example isn’t a failure of productivity habits — it’s a symptom of a culture of packing every moment as full as possible with no room to fail.

We increasingly live in a ‘just in time’ life because, at a systemic level, there’s pressure to pack in as much stuff as possible at both a consumption and production level.

We’re just as dissatisfied, only busier.

So what if we used productivity to reconnect with wellness? That means an intentional shift away from the default of adding more to-dos or increasing the pressure to do it all. What if we flipped our approach to productivity to one that focused on our holistic wellness across our activities, family, work, health, travel and urgent needs? Imagine how conversations about the mental load could shift within couples who can more easily communicate their goals and tasks — all of them, not just shared or household-related ones.

We believe this change is possible. By creating one central place for all your goals and tasks with tools to share — not only delegate or distribute — the load, and insights to help better manage your efforts. Tech that works with the rest of your life, instead of speeding it up or trying to take the place of it? That’s Bosa. The resulting ease, collaboration and wellness? Well, that’s the Bosa life.

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